I got KISSed twice this week.

Yep the big old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid..... or Sweetie if your saying it to someone else) smacked me in the head last week.

I've been making brooches for years and normally just use the commercial brooch clip with the little safety wheel that secures it in place. They're great but are made not to be seen.  The one I've been wracking my brains about lately is a clip that can hang a dangle from, like an old fashioned nurses watch. I've had this concept in my head for a while and have made several drawings. And of course I was getting in my own way making them way too complicated and time consuming.

I mucked around making my own pin and spring then tried decorating a ready made pin. Then it dawned on me..... use the normal brooch pins solder on a jump ring and stamp the front. It was one of those weird moments that you feel wonderful, it's simple, cost effective and looks good. And then I also felt stupid, like I'd wasted so much time. But with a couple of d…

Something New for this little birdie

I'm so excited. I'm in the pages, quiet literally, of one of my favorite magazines. Published by  Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine , I've been a fan for many years. I found it by chance in a wonderful Stirling newsagents up in the Adelaide Hills. It's one of those amazing stores that not only has a great selection of magazines it also has an art supplies up the back so I never left empty handed. The magazine was sold only quarterly back then I think, so finding it again was crazy hard (I only found it once more) so I saved up (I was still art student back then) and subscribed, I just didn't want to miss out. So many great artist, so many great techniques, so many wonderful materials and equipment. drooling.  I'd always thought how lovely it would be to be one of those artists. I kept on dreaming, then one day they advertised for submission for a new publication 'I (Heart) Paper' so that gave me a deadline and I sent in a proposal. I was so excited when it…

Looking back at 2013

And I'm sitting on my back veranda with thunder rolling in the background, the rain lightly falling, the humidity has dipped slightly and there is an earthy smell in the air.

It has been a pretty packed year with a lot of rest and recuperation forced on me. As some of you know, end of 2012 I had surgery for ovarian cancer (you can catch up on that here and more info on symptoms here ) Lets just say it took a whole heap longer to recuperate than I had anticipated. I couldn't beleave every little movement seemed to be attached to my stomach muscles. But hey I have a really cool scare and I'm alive, so not a bad payoff.

We haven't missed a Saturday market this year and even threw in a few specialty Sunday markets to boot. It's been a lot of fun and have meet some really great people. I got to expand my stall size recently which has mad…

Hip Hip Horay for Kelly Rae

What an amazing start to December. I have so much to tell you I think I might burst. But first today (12 December, USA time) is your last opportunity to register your chance to win one of the great giveaways from the ....

Hosted by Kelly Rae Roberts. Use the link below to have a look.

I really am honored to be apart of this promotion and find myself amongst some amazing company. Wow there really are some great opportunities and gifts there. I've provided two of my little guys, Puss Puss and his best friend Woof and Puss Puss's first book 'The Wrong Bed'

I first read about Kelly Rae Roberts about 4 years ago-ish. I purchased her wonderful e-book

This is my one. I printed my book out so I could read it in bed. I use it as one of my creative business resources. It is set out really nicely with heaps of her artwork in there. You'll find within the …

Kakadu Adventure

Part One

Wow what a crazy couple of months of adventures! I got to tick off a bucket list sort of thing I suppose. Just an easy three hour drive from Darwin we head south east to Kakadu National Park. I've wanted to go to Kakadu since I first heard about it as a little girl, so TICK.

Mid September is hot and dry here. That's one thing I didn't expect moving to the top end was how dry it gets here. Fair enough the inland desert area but I thought the coastal fringe would be tropical lush all year round. There are two main season Wet (summer) and Dry (winter) There is still quiet a bit of water in the rivers but the earth in between is parched.

 The dawn Yellow River Cruise is an absolute must experience. We had a foggy morning which is rair at that time of year but absolutely beautiful. The wet lands are just gorgeous. It was like the land scape was posing to be painted or photographed.
 Amazed by the reflections too.

 Crocodiles scare the crap out of me and this big guy w…

Crumpets Anyone

I have a few recipes waiting in the back of my mind. You know the type, the ones that seduce you with their glossy photographs. You've either torn them out from a magazine or bookmarked the page but never quiet got around to making them. Well the crumpet recipe goes back years for me it was in my mothers 'Women's Weekly Everyday Cookbook' The image looked amazing and I always had that 'I must try them one day', but with a good supply of fresh commercial bakery crumpets I was never pushed hard enough to make them until....

I moved to Darwin and the ones here have been frozen, trucked a ship load of miles, then left to thaw out on the supermarket shelf. Mmmmm appetizing, not. So I just stopped buying them.

I was searching my recipe folder a couple of weeks ago for a birthday treat request when I came across the page and finally made some. Oh my giddy aunt they tasted so good, they had the little holes in them and everything.

They are so incredibly easy to make a…