Oh you’re an artist, so what sort of art do you do?

Mmm I always have problems with this one.

I’ve exhibited series of nudes, abstracts, stone angels, leafy sea dragons, birds, cars, crazy creatures even a Red Riding Hood series and Artists’ Books. 2D and 3D work in so many different mediums. 

'Boundaries' Exhibition, Gallery M

I love charcoal and conte, all the different paints and inks, polymer clay, wire, textiles, metal, photography and now resin (plus a whole heap of bits & bobs that go with them & not).  I could describe myself as a mixed media artist but I don’t feel like I fit that category either, I just like doing them all.                                
Guardians of the Arboretum 'Bird' Exhibition Red Poles Gallery

Puss Puss

Then I have what I call my product line that I started selling at the markets and now sell in several shops. Screen printed toys and creatures, aprons, birdy books & Christmas plushies as well as acrylic paintings of cartoony animals and people. 

I could blame Art College for not taking one track but I think it’s just my personality. I studied a year of Textile Design at O’Halloran Hill Visarts, loved it and decided to stay on and continue with a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Applied Design. I majored in print making with intaglio copper etching and collagraghs my favorite; my other studios were life drawing, oil painting and Photopolymer printmaking. My kids were 3 and 5 when I started and were very happy to have a mum without homework when I graduated in 2004. 

A couple of Galahs

Kev Koala


  1. Had to laugh at your comment about your family happy you finally didn't have homework. I returned to school in my late 40's and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics in '05. My husband and son were very happy to see me on evenings and weekends finally!

    Love your work and that little plushies are adorable. The way I look at it, as long as you're having fun, just do what ever you want and to Hades with what the art profs told you!! LOL Have a great weekend.

    Georgina from El Paso, Texas

  2. Hi Georgina, family are funny hey, after graduation I needed to do some work on the weekend for an exhibition and my little girl protested 'but you promised' (not to work weekends)

    thanks Luna


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