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Well in the last week I've played around with the settings and back grounds of this blog and I'm sure it will keep changing as I find new cool things I can do with it. Something new to learn, 2012 is shaping up to be a year of new experiences, some sort after like this and others not really sort after but interesting. I'm on week two of Jury Duty and of course the first case on the first day my name was called up. Well I have a couple of days before the next lotto draw for another jury so I thought I'd show you into my world as an artist.

Starting with my Studio (this is actually studio #3, I seem to have gypsie blood) A place where I design and create lots of my work as well as do a lot of thinking and planning. It's a two car garage under the house so it's a good size space which I have managed to fill with all my artistic pursuits and even some I haven't tried yet. (I have the artist's curse of enjoying way too many art forms, they're all so much fun)

I've divided the room into five sections. As you walk through the big black door, there is a drawing table under the only big window, that looks into the back garden. The screen printing table takes up a fair bit of space but is great to print lengths of fabric on and is a nice height to work at.  The next section has movable equipment like the drying rack and print carousel so in cyclone season (aka Zombie Apocalypse ) I can roll everything out of the way and bring the car in. The next is the sewing corner, my life before kids and an art degree and then a little office.

It's not the neatest or prettiest studio but it's comfortable and has a really nice feel. It's nice to have somewhere to leave the mess although some projects do follow me up stairs to the living room.

Ok something else new to learn getting videos up on You Tube so enjoy as I bumble my way though the labyrinth of new and wonderful things that seems to be my theme for 2012. Enjoy


  1. Cool Luna, you have a lot of stuff there. My belongings are few, I would love to be able to do shirts ( Screen prints) but just another thing to add to the lack of time I have now for other projects. Keep up the good work and videos.

    1. thanks Jason, yer lots of stuff, I sometimes wish I only did one discipline, but I seem to do complicated


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