Go to my Happy Place

This is my final week of Jury Duty and what I've seen and heard of this trail so far is not pretty. So in between I need to go to my happy place. Being an artist is extremely challenging at times but so rewarding for me, so if I can't be in my studio I thought I'd share some of the work I've done over the last couple of years.
Toke me a little while to find these photos, digital photography is great but if computer says 'no' hey they've gone forever.So back up those precious pixels, just try to remember where you put them.

The first four photos are from a exhibition called 'Flesh' at eye2eye Gallery Adelaide 2009. Jill Gregurke curated the show and encouraged me to include men in the series. I had problems in life drawing class in the past getting mens angles right, add a bit too much tone and a chest turns into boobs. Women's bodies are easy, curvy and charcoal love each other. But I took on the challenge and found some amazing male specimens. I used acrylic paint, charcoal and soft pastel on board 70 x 100 cm.

eye2eye Gallery

In 2005 I was asked to participate in the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival at Yankalilla, on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. It began as a festival of the environment, arts and culture of the Yankalilla area, and to celebrate the leafy sea dragon and raise awareness of its significance as South Australia's official sea emblem. The festival has continued on a biannual basis and will be on again around April 2013. My love of this special creature has continued and I'm still working on images of these amazing little guys.

Ink on Paper 60 x 70 cm

Acrylic, charcoal & ink on board 92 x122 cm
acrylic, charcoal & ink on board 70 x 100 cm
The latest work has been a series called "Pretty Little Things' that I started painting since moving to Darwin two years ago. These gorgeous little birds, Double Barred Finches, live and nest in my garden.  I am just so enchanted by these wonderful birds and have a ton of photos to prove it.The first three went into an exhibition 'Diver-City' Gallery M, 2010, they now live in Canberra and I did four more for "Bird' Red Poles Gallery, 2011. There is so many layers of paint on these guys. 
The little cages below 'Mew' were also made for the 'Diver-City' show with several finding new homes. 

So far for 2012,
 I've enrolled in a few painting class, it's always nice to learn more tricks of the trade
I'm half way through a business boosting course,  very interesting stuff
Mary and I will have our Seventh Artists' Book Exhibition at Matilda Bookshop, Stirling
 and I will continue to develop my product lines
so busy busy busy (only way to be)
New and exciting things are on the horizon, just have to hang onto that dragon.

xOx Luna


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