move over time team

It goes to show how dry Darwin has been this 'wet season' , haven't had rain in about two weeks and really it should be raining every day and should look like this....

off my veranda this arvo, bloody blue skies bah humbug

I took this video a few weeks ago at the end of January. Good heavy monsoonal downpour, last wet season we only had a few days without rain and overcasts most of the time, sounds horrible but is actually bliss. Otherwise it's in the mid to high 30's and humidity in the 90 percent range.

As a result of rain no-show I needed to water the poor garden and as I was moving the sprinkler I checked out where a native rat had come to die.


found this amazing skull.

All excited I raced inside for my tweezers and a tray and spent the next half hour on my hands and knees searching for bones, felt like I was on 'Time Team.'  (love that show)

I've probably built him upside down, but gives an idea of what I excavated. The fur had felted down, you can still see a lot of fur holding together the little hand seen in the bottom center of the photo above. I think I may need a magnifying glass and a steady hand to untangle this lot, some of the bones are so tiny. There's a lot missing and I was hoping to find the jaw bone but very happy with my find.

underside of the skull
  look at those teeth

the little hand in the top right still has a claw attached

Now all I have to do is decide on how I'm going to use these lovelies... mmm... 
Let me look into my crystal ball
I can see mmm......resin .... and .....
Ohhh maybe incorporate some with the hair collection I have mmm ... (ponder ponder ponder)

As Luna Bird wonders off into her studio pondering
What will she do with the bones? 
Will she need to invite crystal over again?
All this and more,
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of 'Rat Bones'
just to give an idea of scale
oh another died out the front, wonder if I can find it?.......


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