They bombed us big time

Sunday the 19th of February marked the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin.

I was never taught any of this at school, nobody was. Fifty years of censorship stopped that. The first I knew about it was two years ago when I first moved up to Darwin. There is a display on the water front on the headlands overlooking the wharf that I read with disbelief. I was shocked that it happened, but I was more shocked that I had no idea about it.

At school and in the general media we are taught about Gallipoli, the Kokoda Trail, and prisoners of War Camps, everything off shore. And here we had an attack on Australian soil (and waters) by the same Japanese squadron that bombed Pearl Harbour with the addition of  ground based planes. And the bombing attacks lasted 19 months, so not just a one off.

With all of the death and destruction though some great stories are have come to the surface, like on the first raid 'Gunner Bill Hudson jumped out of the shower at WT station Coonawarra and shot down a zero-naked.' Never interrupt an Aussie when they're trying to have a shower.

Just need to check out the new section of the Darwin Military Museum.

The commemorations were really great but I don't think the organizers expected such a big crowd.

heaps of bikes parked near the Cenotaph


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