What Hobbies do you do Luna?

I was asked the other day what my hobbies were. Good question, I had to really think about it, my hobbies, life and actual work sort of blur together.

Gardening is cool, love plants, love getting my hands dirty, connecting with the earth and all that.  I have left a trail of garden beds around the country and got really good at growing a garden for nothing. One place in South Australia I filled with geraniums, so easy to propagate, had quite a good collection. Bringing in freshly picked veges and fruit is just the best thing, if they make it that far. At one place I’d made a good size vege-patch and loved going out picking fresh what I needed to make tea that night.

my first basil harvest in Darwin, the smell was incredible and the plants just don't stop growing

the soil is pretty crappy here and very compacted so I got a couple of kiddy pools, drilled holes in the bottom & filled them up with soil and seedlings. Gardening in Darwin is so different, lots to learn.

couldn't help my self, bought 2 panama passion fruit vines so glad I did

This leads me to cooking, well no, not all cooking because sometimes it can be a real chore. Baking now that is enjoyable. Although it is a fattening hobby sharing the love helps decrease the personal calorie consumption and it so satisfying when you turn around and the plates empty. Chocolate recipes are my favorite, cakes, biscuits, slice, all good. But for something different and depending on the season gingerbread, ginger cake, shortbread, sugar cookies (they don’t even last long enough to be iced) caramel macadamia pie, ahhhh! Now I’m drooling. I’ve shared a few recipes in notes on my Facebook page if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

this is basically chocolate, you melt chocolate add a couple of eggs and a tiny bit of flour & sugar, then add macadamias and a variety of chocolate pieces and bake. Love the way the white chocolate caramelizes.

butterfly cakes

Macadamia and Chocolate Caramel Tart

I am a bit of a bread-a-holic
I eat from the Five Food Groups; fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee and chocolate

In the evenings after kids and dinner and dishes I just want to fall into the coach and veg in front of the tele basically. Not every night but most night I can’t help myself and need to do something with my hands that doesn’t require too much brain power. I do have a few UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) floating around the place like a tapestry , I’ve been chipping away at that for at least 15 years.  At the moment I’m crocheting a blanket for my mum. I started it while doing jury duty this January because there was a lot of waiting around.

the start of a crocheted blanket, needing to have the air-con on because at 9 pm it's still 31 degrees C. I was told once there was no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, so I took all mine off
Long rides on my bike (the pedal variety) enjoying the scenery. Just la-la-ing along, I’m not a speed freak. Use to ride everywhere as a teenager, then took it up again when I lived in Adelaide. The bike path to McLaren Vale and through the vineyards to Willunga is magic. Luckily Darwin has some really good bike paths and they’re building more. No hills either (compared to Adelaide anyway). Nothing better than stopping for a coffee or breakfast half way through a ride. 

Great bike paths in Darwin, I do miss hills though.

I don’t know if you’d call any of them hobbies, but I do enjoy doing them and photographing them (oh there's another hobby). I love making stuff, which is my art business really, and it’s funny that the things I like to do are also very inspirational in my work, so I suppose it’s a win win

enjoy x Luna


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