Statistic make you go mmm.....

Aren't Statistics Interesting. NO NO not boring, they really do make you go mmmmm.

Today, Sunday the 4th of March, is National Clean Up Australia Day. Miss Willow and I headed off down to the Esplanade early to join up with her Girl Guide Group, like minded people and a hand full of local pollies. Basically you're there to pick up rubbish, they hand out big bags and off you go.

No it wasn't more boring than statistics, we got to jump a few fences that you're not supposed to (ohhhh I know!)and laugh about some of the stuff you pick up..... oh well maybe statistic are more entertaining and defiantly less smelly. But it was a lovely morning, beautiful surrounds, good company with free drinks and a sausage sizzle at the end of it. And not to forget a self satisfaction that you've made a contribution to your environment. (ahh fluffy bunnies all round)

what our small group picked up
Back to the statistic, I looked up the Clean Up Australia site to get a bit of information to share here. Now I've only lived in Darwin for two years and slowly learning about it, but when I saw how many sites and volunteers (or should I say how few) were registered compared to other states, it was a bit of a shock. We were way behind in numbers so I did what any nerdy artist would do I hunted down some numbers.

This is when my mmm.... moment happened, Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, has a population of under 130 000 and the entire state only has 220 000. There is a whole lot of nothing out there. It actually feels bigger than that, maybe because most of the buildings are less that 40 years old after Cyclone Tracey sucked most of them away in 1974, or it could be that the airport is in the middle of the residential area so we take up more map space. Or is it because we call it a capital city and it's the expectation that comes with that tittle. I don't know, but it did make me feel better about the volunteer numbers.

Ian Kiernan and some kid holding up the famous yellow bag, two thumbs up boys
For Those Who Don't Live In Australia (please feel free to copy and paste into your own country)
A short history of National Clean Up Australia Day
It started with one mans dream.... the guy above with his thumb up
Ian Kiernan got the idea back in 1987 when he did an around-the-world yacht race only to discover that a lot of the places he had dreamed of had turned into rubbish dumps, like our own beautiful Sydney Harbour.

Back in Sydney in 1989 he got a committee of friends together and had Clean Up Sydney Harbour Day. It was unbelievable the amount of rubbish they pulled out. Community response was amazing and in 1990 it went national and continues today.

Dictionary of Australian Slang...... pollies = Politicians (local, state and federal)


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