Happy Mothers Day

To all you lovely ladies,
whether you're a Mum or a Mom,
have human children or fury, feathery or finned children have an amazing day.

A major problem of being a mum on mothers day is that for 364 days of the year you're the person responsible for not just the running of the house, you're normally the one that gets all the gifts and cards and celebration food for everyone else.  So as a minimum this year, I got the flowers and chocolates and gave the kids some dollars (they are pass the age of pop stick gifts) and organized that we all go out to breakfast to one of our favorite cafes. We did that Saturday (why not take the whole weekend) Luckily we did because......


my lovely daughter surprised me with this Mothers Day Breakfast she set up in the back garden and made apple pancakes too YUM. She got up early and everything, thank you Miss Willow.

And of course you have organized something for your own mum.(if your mum has passed away, buy her some flowers and enjoy them for her, I think she'd like that) I live along way from my mum I organized some flowers, plan B, as the knee rug I'm crocheting her is not quiet finished. It get's chilly up in the hills.  

Mothers Day is a day to treat yourself which ever way suits you like going for an 8km run with 40 000 other people (good on you Miss Ann-Marie mother of 2 well loved meows) having a pyjama day or sipping champagne on a yacht. Make it your day and if others want to join in, then great.

Enjoy x Luna


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