Sneak Peak

SALA is fast approaching. And I thought I'd share some pages from a collaborative book Miss Mary and I are creating for our 7th Artists' Book Exhibition at my favorite book store Matilda Book Shop up in the Adelaide Hills in the gorgeous town of Stirling. The Hills at the moment will be decorated with an amazing pallet of autumn leaves. And by the time SALA comes around the trees will be bare showing off their branches against beautiful blue winter skies with the freshest of air.

Miss Mary came up with the idea of 'Tale of Two Cities' for a book for this years exhibition. How does Adelaide and Darwin compare. Mary and I meet at art school and we both majored in Print Making. We've studied, exhibited, worked and collaborated together and had many a market stall together too.

water lilies grow wild along the sides of the road ( so do the crocs)

Now for those not from South Australia SALA stands for South Australian Living Artist, a visual arts festival held in August every year. It's a brilliant opportunity for today's artist as you don't have to compete with those famous dead guys that get way to much press and gallery space. Conventional galleries are filled with work along with libraries, town halls cafes and shops. It's also great for art lovers as all venues are free to enter with opportunities to buy great work and meet the artist. As well as creating a great printed and online program the SALA people also organize walking tours and self guided maps for different areas.

Find out more about SALA here /

Jabiru Sculptures on the water front

Now I know I'm living in Darwin and probably the furthest you could physically get from Adelaide on main land Australia, but it is only temporary and I did do my Bachelor of Visual Arts & Applied Design down south at O'Halloran Hill Viz Arts, gave birth to my daughter in Adelaide and lived there 10 years longer than the two years I promised my mum when I left Queensland (blame the gypsy blood). You can take the girl out of South Australia but you can't take South Australia out of the girl, or though my family in Queensland say the same thing. And I suppose I'll take a little away of Darwin when I move on again.

No sparrows in Darwin but we do have Double Barred Finches.

I miss my art buddies from Adelaide especially my BFF Miss Mary.It's good I have art therapy.
More pages and more books to make, if only I didn't have to sleep so much.....

enjoy xOx Luna


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