A fresh bag of coffee. What could go wrong?

Well that's the last time I open a new bag of coffee on a Saturday morning.
oh that coffee did smell wonderful..... I love that just ground vanillary fresh coffee smell.
I'd planned to do a little bit of tidying up in the morning and then just have an easy afternoon. While drinking my coffee .... ahhhhh coffee... looking out from the veranda I thought I'll just give the lawn a quick (yer right) mow before it got to hot (it's Darwin we hit 28 C today)

So..... four hours later I've mowed all the lawns, collected a tonne of palm leaves, pruned, untangled, deadheaded, swept, and watered then after another cup I vacuumed the whole house. Wow that's powerful coffee I need to keep that for crazy work days.

just a few palm leaves and the pile near the bin is mainly mile-a minute, a horrible sticky creeper that smothers all in its path. Now I need to hire a trailer, ah..... next weekend.

couldn't help myself, another photo of the moon smiling tonight

Just an extra note, the nutella buns (from Nutella Madness 1st June) also work really well placed side by side in a cake tin, it also means you can add extra nutella mmm.... I made these tonight, the nutella did start to brown off so I loosely place some foil over the top. yum.

Enjoy x Luna


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