Queen's Birthday Weekend, nice...but

Why does it always happen that the one morning I can sleep in, I wake up with a bing!

Here in most of  Australia it's the Queen's birthday long weekend. No kids to get to school or work, no appointments, the post office is shut as is a lot of businesses. I did lie there for a while thinking I might doze off, but that was the trouble I started thinking. I know very dangerous with a brain like mine, but I did came up with an idea for a chapter story book so I jottered that down in the little ideas book I keep by my bed. And then more art stuff and colour samples so I just got up.

So while everyone else in the house was still asleep (bastards) I popped a load of washing in (I know I have a strong practical mothering gene) and George and I went for a walk. I was quiet surprised how many people were up and about, probably had the same syndrome. And how many people were using power tools so early.

My walking companion George, also my studio assistant, car riding pal and all round nice guy

early sun coming through the trees, so pretty
a really bad phone camera photo, but a lovely flowering tree, I think it's a hakea
As it is the Queens birthday week end and last week was the Queens Diamond Jubilee (yep I watched quiet a bit of it, had to see the Aussie lifesavers rowing their surf boats up the Thames, looked like fun.) so to celebrate I made Toad in the Hole for tea last night, haven't made one in ages. I have pommy parents so Yorkshire puds were standard fair growing up. For those without an English background Toad in the Hole is sausages baked in a batter. And Yorkshire puds are made with flour, eggs and milk (a pancake or US flapjack mix) and the batter is poured into a preheated tray and baked. It always amazes me the different things you can get from just flour, eggs and milk.

There are heaps of recipes, I just did a plain one to suit everyone at my dinner table, but there are heaps of recipes out there. This is a great one from Jamie Oliver

It's one of those great recipes that can change to vego or vegan very easily and still taste great. I use soya sausages and of course the batter can be made from soya or other non dairy milks and the egg can be replaced by egglike, no worries. Great recipe for kids or if you have to stretch the meat component.

While watching the coverage of the Jubilee they showed a collector of all things royal. I'm not a collector of anything (except art supplies and equipment, but that falls under work not obsession, hah yer right ) but I saw my cup.
wow nearly 60 years old and it hangs out in my studio, only the best for my mini markers and airplane spoons
So I hope everyone has a jolly good long weekend.

Enjoy x Luna


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