Every Fringe Dweller Needs a Fridge

How do you keep your iced coffee nice and cold when it's 30 something degrees C ... ALL YEAR?
easy... make the carton a fridge.

This is actually one of my favorite entry in this years Darwin Fridge Festival created by Mick Wendel.

Yep you heard it Fridge Festival. Darwin Community Arts started the festival in 2010 and it has grown every year. You don't have to be a working artist, just grab a fridge and start decorating. 

Fridges are an essential part of territory life with most people having at least two, one a dedicate drinks fridge (normally on the veranda for easy access) for long hot nights and hotter days off. So there is quiet a collection of old fridges at the dump shop wanting to be transformed.

I had a look at the ones on display at the lovely Darwin Waterfront, but there are more displayed at the airport and a shopping center. If the think a fridge is too big then start on an esky. 

Lego for really strong babies

one for 'Deltora' lovers

Kiss that

mmm...chocolate fridge

Flamingo made from fridge compressers + other bits

eagle on top of a fridge
mermaid holding an octopus, she's quiet big and had torches attached to light her at night

I don't know the collective noun for fridges, the closest I could come up with is warehouse of whitegoods

the lady of the lake and she is pointing not giving the finger
wave pool at the water front

Had a nice cup of coffee in the cafe found below the blue ladies elbow holding the sun and a nice wonder around the parklands which include the wave pool (Darwin has no surf, wave pool has no crocs) a patrolled beach that is stinger and croc proof (man made of course) and a great treed lawn area. Lots of sunshine and lots of shade.

Must enter next year mmm thinking caps on........

Enjoy x Luna


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