Fabulous Purveyors of Fine Fudge

Well it’s official I’m in the Fudge business. In the last two weeks I have three Saturday markets under my belt with two big Christmas markets booked and the orders are flowing in.

you are feeling hungry......very hungry....
the sound and smell of the fudge kettle is a little hypnotic 
my first batch of chocolate fudge all by my self, man it smelt good

It all started back in July. Which proved to be a challenging month. The path that I had planned for my life changed suddenly but as they say one door slams in your face and another one opens. Not sure if it was a door or a window, but I scrambled in. I was asked to be a partner in a new Fudge business here in Darwin, Territory Fudge. We both work full time but you know what they say about busy people and it just seemed like an exciting adventure and a little too good to pass up. I was working like crazy to get work for 3 exhibitions done and Dr D (partner in fudge) had a flurry of interstate and overseas business trips. 

shiny, new fudge kettle, pretty

Still we organized a loan, bought the equipment, set up the kitchen, passed the health inspections, registered the name, the ABN and GST, blah blah blah and started experimenting with flavours mmm….. 

Why fudge I hear you say, besides no-one making it up here, it doesn’t melt in the Darwin weather.  I once made the mistake (my 1st summer here) of buying chocolate Santas to send down to my relatives for Christmas. By the time I got home from the supermarket the pretty foil wrap was flat and chocolate had oozed everywhere. Back to the fudge it only softens so you can eat it with a spoon, pop it in the fridge to firm up or put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and pour it over icecream yum! My partner in fudge and I both have experience in the food industry, before kids I ran a small boutique macadamia biscuit factory in Queensland and Dr D set up and managed two shops/cafe for the same macadamia chain of stores where he got his fudge experience. In Adelaide I baked & sold thousands of gingerbread men, houses and shortbread at the markets I did with Miss Mary (a great way to supplement the art sales). So we have the experience and no fears of going into business.

a sea of tents and umbrellas, 7.30am let the fun begin. It's quiet a big markets and very popular, we were lucky to get a spot.
Then August hit and I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and everything came to a screaming halt. Luckily (they found it for one) I was only out of action for a couple of months. We re-jigged the business plan to take it slow and steady and 5 weeks after the operation Luna Bird and Territory Fudge were sharing a table at our first market in Darwin, the Parap Markets. I still walked a little hunched over and had to suck down the pain killers as well as concentrate hard on not picking up anything, but I wouldn’t have missed it in the world. 
Our first market, all set up about 7.30 in the morning, the fudge is in the little containers. This is me, sore but didn't want to stay home anymore, hunched over because I still physically couldn't straighten up.

This was my first market in 3 years, it was so nice to get back amongst the customers. It’s a great balance to the solitude of the studio and the feed back was great. And we have meet some really nice & talented other stall holders. Of course sales are the ultimate but to see peoples smile at my creations is so rewarding or for them to go 'OH Wow' when they taste the fudge. I took a suit case of my toys and helped with fudge tasters and wonderful sales. Our debut went well and we received several orders (and we hadn’t made an order form yet). In just 3 markets we have repeat customers which shows we’re doing something right. So my Saturday dance card is booked for a while rain, hail or shine (not the hail part we don’t actually get that here) but if you’re ever in Darwin come down and visit the Fabulous Purveyors of Fine Fudge .

Week 3, Saturday just gone and we have expanded with another table & bunting. This is at the end of the day near 2 o'clock and stock is very low, we sold out of 5 of the flavours and I need to pack way more toys next week.

I like wearing multiple hats, it gets a little crazy at times but what would life be without a little crazy.

Enjoy x Luna


  1. Hi Luna, Are you still selling your fudge? I sell fudge here in Geraldton, WA - a regional town of around 33,000. I stopped for summer as I found that when the weather got hot the sales at the market dropped off and I've been selling ice cream (from an ice cream cart) but plan to go back to fudge the end of April. I get a lot of the "sugar free Nazis" telling me how bad fudge is however, most people are really nice. How do you manage the fudge in the heat at market?
    Kind regards,
    Fancy Fudge


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