when the mOOn is mightier than the sUn

 This was my attempt at photographing the eclipse this morning mmm....

And this was taken by someone with a better idea of what they were doing (I was going to blame my equipment but no) We had an 80% eclipse here in Darwin, Maningrida on the east side of the lump up the top got the full effect. One good thing down loading the photos I found these gems.

Monday I had breakfast with this lovely Brahminy Kite,she sat a few meters away while I ate my cereal and looked right into the camera, amazing wing span and silent flight.

I took this about 3 weeks ago as a storm front headed towards us. These eagles and kites were mesmerizing as these swirled around on an air current that pushed up and over the house. In the dry season we could see hundreds spiraling around but really hard to get a good photo of them.

We have a small family of Cockatoos that hang around, I think one might have been domestic or just annoyed the same house for a while as he flys over saying 'dickhead' and 'bugger off' and some other choice off words. When I first heard him a couple of years ago I was quiet worried that he had flown the coup and might find it difficult finding food, but he's still around, eats palm nuts and the five corner fruit from our yard although he does seem to spit alot out. That was actually how we found out what type of tree it was not long after we moved in.

The Love Tree across the road sends its beautiful heart into my lounge room. The trunk actually looks like a graceful women with her arms out stretched ready to hug and sing

I figured out last season why these guys talk so load and fly erratically fast, they're on a ginormous sugar rush, crazy beautiful little birds. Known most commonly as Rainbow Lorikeets, these ones are native to the top end with slightly different colorings called Red-collared Lorikeets

Lot's of big birds in the garden over the last few months, hopefully the rain will bring the little ones back.

Enjoy x Luna


  1. Eagles and Kites - that's a lovely photo. Actually - I love all of them ;) Thanks for sharing, as always x


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