1st January 2013

There's something so nice about the first day of the year.  Shinny new and exciting, even after a glass of bubbly and a few Pimms into the wee hours the night before. I saw the new year in with good food, good company and the mOOn.

Of course because I could sleep in, I woke with a bing. So up I toddled, put some washing on and tried out a few yoga poses for the first time since the stomach zipper. OK well I could only do a few standing poses and I am so not bendy at the moment but it's a start and felt great, sort of.
PussPuss enjoying my new cushions

I sewed up a couple of cushion covers for my new veranda lounge (an old bed I cut down) I'm going for lots of happy colours this year. I set myself up with coffee, my camera and some reading material on said lounge. I love being out on the veranda with the fresh air and the birds and the lovely trees. But today I only lasted about half an hour it was 32 degrees C and 78% humidity by 9am. And I just started to cook.

As I was going back into artificial coolness I spotted small ripples coming from the edge of the pool. Couldn't see what was making the little waves and thought it might be a beetle.

It was a lovely little lizard, not very old. He didn't want to let go of my hand so I had to wait a while for him to compose himself. If only I knew lizard language, I'd tell them to stay out of the pool for starts.

Did a bit more sorting of my studio, trying to be brutal. Way to much stuff, just want to clear the decks and start with a fresh uncluttered space (hey stop laughing). I know mission impossible but like yoga I'll get there.

And then to my delight 'Life Book 2013' was up and ready. It's so exciting, I signed up for it several months ago and it's been better than Christmas, the anticipation to start. It's a year long art journaling course the brain child of Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

She is a great teacher, I really wanted to do it last year but this year is right for me. I'll let you know how I go along the way. Check it out, there are heaps of other great art lessons on there as well.

Well 2012 was a bit on the challenging side and the dragon is still here bumping us along for another month.
I have some big simplifying plans for this year. A year of renewal, it feels like a fresh starting point.

Enjoy x Luna


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