Art Swaps... oh it's so exciting!

What a lovely surprise! A little piece of art in my mail box.
'Give Me Wings' by Kate, USA

'I'll Fly Away' by Kate USA

It's funny I was going to say this is my first art swap, but I've been doing it for years. Artist to Artist at the various market I did around the Adelaide area. I always took it as a compliment that other artists would like to own my creations. And tended to be a serendipitous event.
bonus ATC by Kelly, Qatar

But I suppose this was my first organized group swap with a theme, where a lovely coordinator puts up a theme then you submit your name and on the cut off date each person is allocated a partner. It's up to us to swap postal detail, then create the piece of art and mail it off. It's a bit like old fashioned pen pals but with little pieces of art.

Christmas Card Swap by Kelly, Qatar
Each month there is a new swap with a new theme which makes you think outside the box. January (which I have signed up for and today been allocated a partner)  theme is Fancy Hat/Movie stars. Mmmmm that will get the grey cells jumping. You don't have to do every month but it is a little bit addictive

Christmas Card Swap by Joanie, USA
My art swap group is through Willowing run by Tam , a happy place to make art, where I've purchased a couple of e-courses. There is a lovely community of creative spirits at Willowing. I signed up for the 'Life Book 2013' as well, so I'm guaranteed a year of art therapy. More on my experiences in Life Book later, for now you can find the Willowing site at

lovely backs to the ATC and gorgeous hand printed envelope by Kate too
Just found out the new swaps for this month are with Denmark and Hawaii, ooo how exciting. Totally recommend this lovely way to make and share mini art

Enjoy x Luna


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