Happy Year of the Snake

I am so glad the dragon is now flying off into the distance.

the last sunset of the Year of the Dragon

You know the saying 'Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it' well mine should be 'Be careful what you joke about!'
At the beginning of the year of the dragon I joked around to tighten up your helmet, put on some clean undies and hang on tight as it was going to be quiet a ride. The image I had in my head was me hanging on tight to a long Chinese dragon flying up and down in waves like a roller coaster. Boy did that bite me on the bum. A bit too accurate for my liking.

Ah man what an emotional ride.

Up we go.... a piece I made for Save Our Gulf Coalition Exhibition sold on opening night. I'd been playing with rusty wire and resin and pop there it was, a nice start to the year.

And down the other side....Another phase in life for my family, Teenagers, a bit like teething, painful but necessary and everyone in the house is effected. So earlier in the year I was really sad with my changing roll as a mum. Babies, toddlers, kindy and primary school mothering was all wonderful, I loved it so much. So when my youngest leaped into independence I needed to greave for the loss of that part of my life. I even had considered having another baby but later events would make that idea impossible.
recipe books on display at Urban Cow. Macaroons, Jam Drops, Fruit Tarts, Strawberry Scones & Chocolate Creams

I lost a few friends. A few friends lost their partners and some close friends lost there long time animal companions. Oh man the heart stings were pulled that tight it was hard to breath sometimes. The saddest was of Monica. I bumped into her at Ikea and we had said we must catch up, have a barby, but didn't organize it there and then, a few months later I had moved to Darwin. It was the last time I saw her. It hurt more because we didn't found out until 3 months after she'd died.

'Wearable Books'

I lost a couple of friendships too which broke my heart in a different way, I suppose because choice comes into it. What you wished they'd done or what you wished you'd done. That internal dialogue and re-running of events, you can't help listing the good/bad things that was said and happened. But some friendships end abruptly and others just fade away. The price of intensity I suppose.

close up of one of the 'Wearable Books' made from copper, paper, string and brass

Flying back up, hang on to your stomach.....I had an amazing run in the studio. No stress, even though I had a sad heart the work just flowed out. 3 Exhibitions for SALA Festival, I made recipe books and wearable books. I had my first cabinet exhibition at Urban Cow and celebrated with Mary our 7th Artists' Book exhibition at Matilda Book Shop. And to top SALA off, I sent a family of Bunnies to be displayed at  Red Poles Gallery for the 'Farm' exhibition along with some amazing artists. I took some photos but thought I'll take some better ones when they come home but they found themselves a new home, very exciting.

The Forbes Family' polymer clay, glass, ink, wire, copper, cloth, passionfruit vine, twigs

Ok plummeting towards earth again....Then August was probably the scariest month, waiting to have surgery. Knowing that both my ovaries were the size of emu eggs and my blood test showed signs of cancer and under instruction to stop doing everything. Although the CT scan was amazing, wow technology! Shame I was sick to need it. I now have a huge scar that runs from below my bikini line up and around my belly button like a long tailed question mark. It doesn't freak me out, I'm kind of proud of it in a weird kind of way. I affectionately call it my zipper and have thought about getting eyelets and a ribbon tattooed on it, may as well make it interesting.

Buck Forbes

Well climbing back up into the sky my recover has been really good. I can't beleave how many every day movements require stomach muscles though, ahhh, I only put myself back once from over doing it, once was enough. Slow and steady works. I'm back selling my creations direct at a great market, sales are great of course but the smiles and lovely comments have been really good medicine. I love hearing the people delighted in their quirkiness. I have meet some wonderful new friends. I've done a lot of cleansing and healing of my body, soul and home. It took all of January to sort, clean and clear my studio but it feels so good.

the dragon flying away on the last sunset of the Lunar Year

Well I'm glad I strapped on that helmet and took several pairs of clean undies. I really thought for a while there that the dragon was going to flick me off his tail but I held on and came out the other side. Brushed off a whole heap of dead wood and threw away that suitcase.

I'm starting this New Lunar Year with blue hair and cheeky smile and just going to live it

Enjoy x Luna


  1. My gosh! What a year, That sounds like the script to a tear jerking movie. I've seen some of your work at Urban Cow. It's super cute!
    I hope you are feeling positive and loved.
    Take care. x

  2. thanks Sally, Urban Cow was fun.
    It definitely was a crazy emotional year but all good.
    I love my little bunny badge from you, very cute, it makes me smile. xOx


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