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Developing New Recipes

The chocolate chips in the fridge were calling out to me and at three in the afternoon I gave in, it was afternoon teatime anyway. But.....
there was only enough sweet chocolaty chip goodness for half the batch.

So I finally made the Fudge Cookies that I've been promising to make for ages.

I've made a few things with the fudge, easy stuff like warming it and having a real hot fudge sundae or dipping a spoon of Vanilla Cream into my coffee and slurping it off the spoon. Ooooo you get a hint of coffee and the heat of the drink brings out the vanilla. the first time I did that was amazing. I made some simple apple tarts, puff pastry with sliced apple and baked and then drizzled Caramel Fudge over the top. Yum. The last thing I had was strawberries with warmed Red Velvet Fudge. That was yum too but all pretty simple stuff.

So to make the cookie dough
First cream 125 grams of butter with half a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mixed in an egg then one and a half cups of sel…

What a gorgeous way to end a day

The sky painted the tress

and the side of the house too.

The trees danced to the sounds of colour.

Mr Frog wanted to know what we were having for dinner

Enjoy x Luna

Happy Birthday George

my youngest son, the one who likes to live in his furry pajamas, turned two. 
And what a lovely couple of years it has been.

His very first photo with Miss Willow, we just picked him up back in September 2011, he's so tiny.

Some baby photos, awwww.

In my studio, he had a taste for paper.

He loved sitting on my treadmill and now we enjoy lots of lovely walks together.

this is the start of a tunnel photo.

Love you George, wishing you many, many more birthdays.

Enjoy x Luna

Roller Derby Rocks

What a great night watching the Sugar Rushes V's the Coaster Rollers. Just want to go out a get myself a pair of skates again. Wow took  me back to my high school days, catching the 'skate bus' to Caloundra Rollerdrome on a Friday night. I wasn't a great skater but I had a lot of fun.

OK the very basics of the game, two teams each have a jammer (the only one to score points for their team) a Pivot (captain) and the rest are blockers. The two teams line up for the starter whistle with the jammers at the back. To score the jammer must pass through the pack once then gains a point for every opposing player she gets past. The pack of blockers can only use hips, bum and shoulders. No elbows, hands, knees or feet are allowed and if you do you gain a penalty and get sinbined.

There was a good crowd, good skating and only a few stacks but they were always up quick and rolling on.

Waiting for the starter whistle, 79 Ruthless Gunner and 23 Ricc-O-Shade Riot are the jammers an…

I made this

in kindy. I was 5

Enjoy your weekend lovelies, have a creative one, x Luna

a big decision Before OR After?

Should you read the book BEFORE or AFTER watching the movie?

This has been bothering me for a couple of years. I've had good and bad experiences reading before a film. Now I just don't know what to do. The second Hunger Games movie comes out in November, do I wait or get into it?

Now I'm not asking if you like the book or the film of Hunger Games. That is personal taste. I really don't know which way to go.

This is a sneak peak of an Artists' Book project I'm working at the moment.

Enjoy x Luna

so much happening in the world today

so I thought I would draw you a cat

Enjoy x Luna

I got the Tour de France blues

I'm feeling a bit lost. For the last three weeks my evenings from 9:30 was filled with Tour De France. I've been writing this 30 day blog affair with it running or should I say rolling along in the back ground.

I know some peoples eyes glaze over and their hearing is filled with crickets when I mention the Tour but I just love the sport and the team dynamics. And the French country side is amazing. I've got to say the SBS tv commentary has been a wonderful education. I didn't understand the team dynamics at all but thanks to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwencmy knowledge has grown for the sport and the amazing roles each cyclist play.

I've been watching the Tour De France seriously for about 7 years. Back then, there were a lot of very late nights but now with live to air it's a bit better on the body, finishing around 1:30am. I used to talk about taking a holiday so we could turn our days upside down, enjoy the tour and still get plenty of sleep. Well this year my…


just thinking about passion fruit makes my tongue water, yum!

These guys are from a panama passion fruit I panted 3 years ago. I haven't feed the garden enough, don't have many fruit this year, the wet season really drains all the goodness out of the soil. I'll probably just work out how to garden up here and I'll move.

Enjoy x Luna

What a lovely day for a bithday

todays birthday = catching a movie (Pacific Rim) coffee at Ducks Nuts, flowers, chocolates, strawberry chocolate cake, birthday phone calls and lots of fresh raspberries and strawberries. Nice. Thank you

 30 C in downtown Darwin. It's funny my birthday here in Australia has always been in the middle of winter and cold, which I quiet like and miss. But I live n upside-down land and there is no scarf in sight. Although the cinema was quiet chilli.

In the afternoon chilling out with my favorite little furry pajama guy watching Horton Hears a Who

This is my 1st birthday since the surgery for Ovarian Cancer and I am very happy to be alive and well.
Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes
Enjoy x Luna

Nothing like a good vacation snap

I was going through some old vacation photos and thought I'd share these with you.

I was told there was a giant mushroom somewhere around here but just couldn't find it. Glad I took my red jacket, it did get a little chilli.

You're right darling the moon really is made of cheese!
Enjoy x Luna

Love the Postman

wahoo look what the postie left me today. Beautiful hand crafted ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

I'm part of a creative group that do a monthly artist card swap, one of my challenges this year is to my two cards per month and mail them off. Cary looks after us and posts the theme for the month then teams up the people that register interest. I've received some beautiful cards from all over the world. These I received today.

These are by fellow Aussie Kylie Pepyat-Fowler, love these card. Kylie has a great blog check out her great work.

And these gorgeous examples traveled all the way from Italy made by Barbara Blasi So many beautiful artists out there.

even the envelope is cute

Enjoy x Luna