320 km...oh just down the road.

320 km, just down the road here in Aus. Had a day trip to Katherine today, about three and a half hours drive (one way) did a little business, visited family and drove back. When you live a long way from anywhere that's nothing.

Saw heaps of road trains and grey nomads. And the dry season is also road works season.

What I like most about the trip was the beautiful hills especially near Hayes Creek. Not very big hills but compared to flat Darwin it is heaven. Love these hills just want to run up to the top of them. I will one day and then camp just on the other side. The great big boulders are heaps good too. I think in another time the giants had marble competitions all the way down to the big game at Devils Marble, south of Tennent Creek (about 12 hours drive south from Darwin)

I was so excited to see a hill, lit by a sunset too, bonus

Puss Puss enjoying the sunset
 I always seem to hum taking selfies

I was actually trying to take a photo of a brolga flying over. 
A huge, graceful bird. missed it by..... quiet a lot actually, it was still amazing.

gorgeous, slow thinking granite boulders having a nap

love how this cloud is casting a shadow above it self in the smoke

Little bit of smoke in the air and a gorgeous sunset.

Enjoy x Luna


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