Developing New Recipes

The chocolate chips in the fridge were calling out to me and at three in the afternoon I gave in, it was afternoon teatime anyway. But.....
there was only enough sweet chocolaty chip goodness for half the batch.

So I finally made the Fudge Cookies that I've been promising to make for ages.

I've made a few things with the fudge, easy stuff like warming it and having a real hot fudge sundae or dipping a spoon of Vanilla Cream into my coffee and slurping it off the spoon. Ooooo you get a hint of coffee and the heat of the drink brings out the vanilla. the first time I did that was amazing. I made some simple apple tarts, puff pastry with sliced apple and baked and then drizzled Caramel Fudge over the top. Yum. The last thing I had was strawberries with warmed Red Velvet Fudge. That was yum too but all pretty simple stuff.

So to make the cookie dough
First cream 125 grams of butter with half a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mixed in an egg then one and a half cups of self-raising flour.
Scoop out a table spoon of dough and rap it around a piece of fudge. I used Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

 Bake in a moderate oven (180 C) for 12 to 15 minutes. The cookies should be slightly golden

Amazing flavour and look really good. Inside and out.

My first idea had been to have the fudge replace the jam of Jam Drops and sit on top. Well from the photo I should call them wallaby poop cookies, the plate did help with the name. The flavour was great with the fudge caramelizing and becoming chewy but just don't look pretty. 

The reason for the fudge recipes is my other little business Territory Fudge, we sell it at the Saturday Parap Markets in Darwin. Gill sells our fudge at her coffee stand at the Katherine Saturday Markets (about 4 hours drive south of Darwin)and Sam has a stall at the Palmerston Friday Twilight Markets.You can check out all our flavors in our little internet shop here, we mail out all over Australia.
Just looking at the shop now I need to take some more photos, it's missing Salted Caramel and Irish Cream and our really cute Chocolate Fudge Crocodiles. Very Northern Territory.

Supposedly there is a croc for everyone living in the NT, if only they were made of fudge.

Enjoy x Luna

PS have a go at making the cookies, if you can't get fudge just add a cup of chocolate chips. Let me know how you go.


  1. OMG I wish I wasn't on a diet!
    That fudge cookie is enough to push
    me over the edge!
    yummmmm :)

    1. Yep they're pretty good, this batch didn't even get a chance to cool down before they were gone. :-)

  2. Super cute! I love the look of the fudge croc. :) x

    1. they are cute and these ones don't bite :-)
      The real life crocs do scare me, there's one for every person living in NT


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