fireworks @ 6 in the morning

yep I was awoken on a Sunday sleep in morning by some parents gosh darn adorable child, letting off a bit of youthful enthusiasm with some fireworks. For a split second I thought You little.... then feel back asleep. So all's good. It's pretty standard for the odd firework to go off this time of year although legally fireworks are only allowed in Darwin to be bought and used on the 1st of July. But hey, they bang, you jump, you swear, you move on.

This afternoon I ripped up the paper I dyed the other day and made some gorgeous coloured paper that I will use in my jewelery designs. Automatically I go for blues and greens so this batch I intentionally chose purple, reds, orange and yellows to balance my selection out.

little piles of delicious colour

still need to dry, the next step will be.......

Enjoy x Luna
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