I got the Tour de France blues

I'm feeling a bit lost. For the last three weeks my evenings from 9:30 was filled with Tour De France. I've been writing this 30 day blog affair with it running or should I say rolling along in the back ground.

look out

I know some peoples eyes glaze over and their hearing is filled with crickets when I mention the Tour but I just love the sport and the team dynamics. And the French country side is amazing. I've got to say the SBS tv commentary has been a wonderful education. I didn't understand the team dynamics at all but thanks to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwencmy knowledge has grown for the sport and the amazing roles each cyclist play.

Puss Puss that was close

I've been watching the Tour De France seriously for about 7 years. Back then, there were a lot of very late nights but now with live to air it's a bit better on the body, finishing around 1:30am. I used to talk about taking a holiday so we could turn our days upside down, enjoy the tour and still get plenty of sleep. Well this year my plans were answered sort of. In Darwin the school kids get four weeks off in dry season for school holiday (the rest of Aus only get two) so the tour fitted in beautifully. I still had to get up at 5:30am on Saturday for the markets, and a trip to Katherine and the Dragonfly Market. But hey you have to do what you have to do and I used that time to get extra work done for the big market anyway. But at least the pressure was off getting kids to school.

The other thing I challenged myself to was the 'Tour De Lounge' My aim was to move 10% of the distance the boys in France had to. I say move because I wanted to include my walking as well. I'm still in recovery and cycling is still uncomfortable. So on the exercise bike I can lean back and hang on to my stomach when it get sore. The first two weeks went well I was even ahead. I still need to tally up last week so fingers crossed I made it.

The last day of riding was set later in the day which meant it didn't start here in Australia until the next day 1:30 Monday morning. So I set up a matress in front of the tele and set my alarm so I wouldn't miss the end. I kept waking up to them just la-la-ing their way to Paris and dosing off again but once they hit Paris it was great.

Oh course I cheered on all the Aussies, Richie Porte did an amazing job and Orica Greenedge blow my socks off. For only the second year together, they are making a wonderful impression and what amazing sportsmanship.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi where's our bikes gone?
Well another year down and it will take a couple of weeks to get my sleep patterns back to normal. But I will dream of being one of the crazies in a camper-van traveling around the French country side. 15 years ago I was lucky enough to win a European Holiday and travel through France, I think it's time for a return visit. I'll probably let Puss Puss do the driving.

Enjoy x Luna


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