I live in upside down land

Day Two of A Blog Affair

July in Australia normally means winter but I truly live in upside down land.
Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory sits on the coastline just to the left of the lumpy bit, up the top middle of Australia.
Google maps will help you see what I mean

As you can see it's bright blue skies here with a top temp of about 30 degrees C.  It's about that temperature all year round really. We have two main seasons Wet and Dry. Winter is very dry and I have to water the garden to keep it green. This is my back garden.
this is from the inside of the beautiful old Carambola tree

looking up through the carambola

Carambola fruit nearly ready to eat, also known as star fruit or five corner fruit. Tastes like fruit salad. The flowers scent is amazing, intoxicating fruit salad. Unfortunately we have fruit fly up here but the cockatoos love them.

this is a little Carambola tree in front of the older one, self seeded about two and a half years ago, very cute, it had it's first flowers this year too.

I have quiet a good collection of crotons, these ones remind me of fireworks

lovely single hibiscus 

 this little guy didn't mind having his photo taken

 the sky is full of eagles and hawks, totally amazing

Enjoy x Luna


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