Just Another Saturday

It all starts at Sparrows fart also known as 5:30 in the morning and it's still dark outside. After loading the car I head to my most important job, making the coffee.

 All set up by 7.30, I had extra table space today as we didn't have a stall next to us, felt a bit weird but ended up looking ok

This poster is haunting me, I got to look at it all day.  I'll cut it down next week if it's still there for the collection.

We had some lovely music all day. It was a really busy busy day, a cruise ship was in so heaps of tourists. Lots of Fudge tasting and informing people that my little guys are hand screen printed and some of them are hand painted. So everyone was happy when 2.30 roll round.

Normally we'd get home unpack and fall asleep but not this Saturday we had a .......

Movie premiere 'Quest for Versace' a local indie movie about integrating into Australian culture as an international student. Dr. Abhishek Shukla wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. He is a friend from the uni here in Darwin. So there are lots of footage of Charles Darwin University. 

 Pre-movie nibbles, the cinema was full (I escaped the packed room beyond the red carpet), 
there was some amazing smelling Indian food

The head in front of me, not in the way, but I thought it was cute in a balding grey haired baby kind of way

The cast and the director of photograghy with Abhishek (in the white tie) with lots of people to thank and acknowledge.

And the movie begins.....
but I won't spoil it for you. It's been submitted into several film festivals, I hope it gets accepted and you get the chance to have a look.
Sleep in tomorrow I think, whats the bet I wake up with a PING!

Enjoy x Luna


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