making paper

First steps in making a special paper for my jewelery is throw some dye around.

The first lot of paper I made were blues and greens so I thought I should make reds, oranges, yellows and some rich purples.

some nice textures appearing, the orange shoes approve

nothing like getting your hands dirty

some paper I baked earlier and cut out a few shapes

a set of earrings using this paper set in silver, embedded in resin

 And a Pendent or is this one going to be a brooch mmmm

This lovely lady, Kerry bought one of my pendants at the Salt Water Market. She then came back to buy a couple more for presents with it on her choker that had previously had a lovely pearl. Now that is a complement.

George inspecting the work, made a few changes, and gave me some wonderful advise.

I now have pretty concrete in my studio

Now I just have to wait for the paper to dry so I can rip it up or should I say deconstruct

Enjoy x Luna


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