Roller Derby Rocks

What a great night watching the Sugar Rushes V's the Coaster Rollers. Just want to go out a get myself a pair of skates again. Wow took  me back to my high school days, catching the 'skate bus' to Caloundra Rollerdrome on a Friday night. I wasn't a great skater but I had a lot of fun.

OK the very basics of the game, two teams each have a jammer (the only one to score points for their team) a Pivot (captain) and the rest are blockers. The two teams line up for the starter whistle with the jammers at the back. To score the jammer must pass through the pack once then gains a point for every opposing player she gets past. The pack of blockers can only use hips, bum and shoulders. No elbows, hands, knees or feet are allowed and if you do you gain a penalty and get sinbined.

There was a good crowd, good skating and only a few stacks but they were always up quick and rolling on.

Waiting for the starter whistle, 79 Ruthless Gunner and 23 Ricc-O-Shade Riot are the jammers and are identified by two big stars on their helmets.

the Zebras (refs) waiting for the start whistle, they were great value to watch too, so intense. Notice the two in the middle even have zebra tails, so cute.

cool merch

All the girls had cute names like Mac Truck, Smashberry Slamcake and Karnage Bear as did the zebras. When I grew up to be a Roller Girl my name could be Luna C, mmm

Enjoy x Luna


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