Day 3 of a Blog Affair

There is something nice about receiving post. Just got this zine in the mail today all the way from the UK.  'Hairy Zine' by Simon Phan, found him on etsy

 A little bit naughty but very funny, even the envelope is cool. This is my favourit page and the back cover. You can find Simon's zine and other cool stuff at his Etsy shop

I have book 1 +2 of The Ant farm by Kim Mayhew. Although technically a colouring in book I keep it with my zines and just love those little ants. Kim has her Loco Folko way of art that is supper colorful and quirky. You can find out more about her and her art here http://got-ants.com/Home_Page.html

 This is a really bad photo the cover of 'Awakenings' by Jesca Marisa, I'll try for a better photo tomorrow. Jesca is a South African artist writer, she has amazing style. Bonus is I got to meet her when she came over to Australia to visit her brother, luckily a good friend of ours. Beautiful, beautiful work. she also has an amazing web site http://www.jescamarisa.com/main.html

This is my favorite illustration, her story is beautiful too.

 I have a couple by Claire Thompson-Richards, went to art college with Claire, an amazing talent. Created some really cute characters, I also have some of her illustrations, so gorgeous.  http://clairerichards.com.au/

And I have quiet a stack of Vis Biz, my old art college zine produced by the students. Wow I graduated nearly 10 years ago, time flys. Of course they were informative but mostly entertaining and a little bit naughty, well a lot naughty really, it was a very interesting place to study, so glad I went there.

These are just a few zines I've collected along the way. Although I make Artists' Books regularly, producing some zines is definatly in the pipeline.

Enjoy x Luna  


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