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when the mOOn is mightier than the sUn

 This was my attempt at photographing the eclipse this morning mmm.... And this was taken by someone with a better idea of what they were doing (I was going to blame my equipment but no) We had an 80% eclipse here in Darwin, Maningrida on the east side of the lump up the top got the full effect. One good thing down loading the photos I found these gems. Monday I had breakfast with this lovely Brahminy Kite,she sat a few meters away while I ate my cereal and looked right into the camera, amazing wing span and silent flight. I took this about 3 weeks ago as a storm front headed towards us. These eagles and kites were mesmerizing as these swirled around on an air current that pushed up and over the house. In the dry season we could see hundreds spiraling around but really hard to get a good photo of them. We have a small family of Cockatoos that hang around, I think one might have been domestic or just annoyed the same house for a while as he flys over saying '

Fabulous Purveyors of Fine Fudge

Well it’s official I’m in the Fudge business. In the last two weeks I have three Saturday markets under my belt with two big Christmas markets booked and the orders are flowing in.   you are feeling hungry......very hungry.... the sound and smell of the fudge kettle is a little hypnotic  my first batch of chocolate fudge all by my self, man it smelt good It all started back in July. Which proved to be a challenging month. The path that I had planned for my life changed suddenly but as they say one door slams in your face and another one opens. Not sure if it was a door or a window, but I scrambled in. I was asked to be a partner in a new Fudge business here in Darwin, Territory Fudge. We both work full time but you know what they say about busy people and it just seemed like an exciting adventure and a little too good to pass up. I was working like crazy to get work for 3 exhibitions done and Dr D (partner in fudge) had a flurry of interstate and overseas busines

Every Fringe Dweller Needs a Fridge

How do you keep your iced coffee nice and cold when it's 30 something degrees C ... ALL YEAR? easy... make the carton a fridge. This is actually one of my favorite entry in this years Darwin Fridge Festival created by Mick Wendel. Yep you heard it Fridge Festival. Darwin Community Arts started the festival in 2010 and it has grown every year. You don't have to be a working artist, just grab a fridge and start decorating.  Fridges are an essential part of territory life with most people having at least two, one a dedicate drinks fridge (normally on the veranda for easy access) for long hot nights and hotter days off. So there is quiet a collection of old fridges at the dump shop wanting to be transformed. I had a look at the ones on display at the lovely Darwin Waterfront, but there are more displayed at the airport and a shopping center. If the think a fridge is too big then start on an esky.  Lego for really strong babies one for '

The Lucky Find

Crazy few months. Worked like a mad women through July to get work finished and shipped to 3 group exhibitions. Mailed off the last package on a Friday afternoon and it was lovely to relax and just breath. But by the following Monday, August 6th, I feel ill with a stomach bug. I just thought rest, I'll be right. My P.A. Miss Willow and I were due to fly out Thursday to visit my home town in Queensland for my nieces 21st. Wednesday came, still not well so there was no way I could make the flight. So off to the doctors for a medical certificate. I felt better when he said it was something going around and it kept me unwell for another week but... The Lucky Find was the doctor wanted to feel my stomach and he found a LUMP! The gastro had helped, I'd lost 2kgs the previous two days and I actually felt something move as I laid down on the exam table (bit of an alien moment). Blood tests, Ultrasound and CT Scans later showed my ovaries had been racing to see which could grow bi

A Cathartic Moment and a Sneak Peak

Wow this month has not been what I was expecting. I was so looking forward to July, felt like a new year starting. I was excited, new beginnings and Darwin was putting on some great weather, but life said wait on little lady. OK the sneak peak part are these little recipe books I've created for 'Fragment' Glass Case Exhibition, Urban Cow Gallery, Adelaide. Opens 1st August 2012. Co-conspirator Miss Mary and I are sharing the mini gallery. Everything seemed to happen at once and within the first couple of weeks.... I moved into the next stage of parenthood. My youngest is nearly 15 and her independence has really kicked in during these school holidays, so my role in her life has changed. Although I went through this with my son a couple of years ago there was still little Miss Willow but now little Miss Willow is as tall as me with some great curves and confidence. I love being a mum and one of the fondest times of my life was when they were young. So I had an amaz

Variety is the spice of life, spice is good

Just re-edited a page on here of 'stuff I make' need to take heaps more photos and try finding more for the gallery page. Unfortunately I lost a lot of photos when the computer said 'No' (on several occasions and several computer hard drives) Birdie Book Series Birdie Books like to nestle in your hands while they tell you stories from their journeys. They come in five colours each representing a different birdie nursery rhyme. This Birdie Book series started its life at my very first Artists' Book Exhibition at Matilda Book Shop, Stirling, in the lovely Adelaide Hills (a beautiful part of Australia) Mary and I will be doing exhibition #7 this year. The first ones were hand coloured, now I use a wet on wet screen print process, along with the type of fabric gives them a very soft printed look. This way of printing is a little unpredictable so like siblings they look alike but are all a little different. Now for the Quirky Toy range, also known as Q