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College Days

I just received from an Adelaide art buddy, Miss Nuttree, the very last Vis Biz (art mag) and a CD full of photos from my old art college. The Art Department has closed and the whole school will shut down in a years’ time (too expensive to maintain). The city campuses are shinny and nice but we had a really great and diverse community at O’Halloran Hill. My first group exhibition as an art student 'Tickled Pink' 2001 with my 3 and 6 year old The best and probably the most precious part of going to art school (besides the people – that’s a given) is being given the gift to let go. Being in a safe environment under the title of ‘Art Student’ (no pressure to perform) and having your work constantly critiqued by the lecturer and fellow student (with all the same insecurities as you, lecturer included) as an everyday part of the class really does prepare you for hitting the big wide world of art.   Assessment time was amazing with art work covering the walls of all

Oh you’re an artist, so what sort of art do you do?

Mmm I always have problems with this one. I’ve exhibited series of nudes, abstracts, stone angels, leafy sea dragons, birds, cars, crazy creatures even a Red Riding Hood series and Artists’ Books. 2D and 3D work in so many different mediums.  'Boundaries' Exhibition, Gallery M I love charcoal and conte, all the different paints and inks, polymer clay, wire, textiles, metal, photography and now resin (plus a whole heap of bits & bobs that go with them & not).  I could describe myself as a mixed media artist but I don’t feel like I fit that category either, I just like doing them all.                                 Guardians of the Arboretum 'Bird' Exhibition Red Poles Gallery Puss Puss Then I have what I call my product line that I started selling at the markets and now sell in several shops. Screen printed toys and creatures, aprons, birdy books & Christmas plushies as well as acrylic paintings of cartoony animals a

Welcome to my studio

Well in the last week I've played around with the settings and back grounds of this blog and I'm sure it will keep changing as I find new cool things I can do with it. Something new to learn, 2012 is shaping up to be a year of new experiences, some sort after like this and others not really sort after but interesting. I'm on week two of Jury Duty and of course the first case on the first day my name was called up. Well I have a couple of days before the next lotto draw for another jury so I thought I'd show you into my world as an artist. Starting with my Studio (this is actually studio #3, I seem to have gypsie blood) A place where I design and create lots of my work as well as do a lot of thinking and planning. It's a two car garage under the house so it's a good size space which I have managed to fill with all my artistic pursuits and even some I haven't tried yet. (I have the artist's curse of enjoying way too many art forms, they're all s

Up Up and Away

Nothing like starting RiGhT nOw. So strap on your helmet and lets go fly this DrAgOn of 2012 as high as we can go...... well this is me trying to figure out how to take a blind photo with the new camera with my PA Miss Willow in the background thinking 'she's can't do, just let me do it' I seem to hum when I concentrate.