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What Hobbies do you do Luna?

I was asked the other day what my hobbies were. Good question, I had to really think about it, my hobbies, life and actual work sort of blur together. Gardening is cool, love plants, love getting my hands dirty, connecting with the earth and all that.  I have left a trail of garden beds around the country and got really good at growing a garden for nothing. One place in South Australia I filled with geraniums, so easy to propagate, had quite a good collection. Bringing in freshly picked veges and fruit is just the best thing, if they make it that far. At one place I’d made a good size vege-patch and loved going out picking fresh what I needed to make tea that night. my first basil harvest in Darwin, the smell was incredible and the plants just don't stop growing the soil is pretty crappy here and very compacted so I got a couple of kiddy pools, drilled holes in the bottom & filled them up with soil and seedlings. Gardening in Darwin is so different, lots to lear

They bombed us big time

Sunday the 19th of February marked the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin. I was never taught any of this at school, nobody was. Fifty years of censorship stopped that. The first I knew about it was two years ago when I first moved up to Darwin. There is a display on the water front on the headlands overlooking the wharf that I read with disbelief. I was shocked that it happened, but I was more shocked that I had no idea about it. At school and in the general media we are taught about Gallipoli, the Kokoda Trail, and prisoners of War Camps, everything off shore. And here we had an attack on Australian soil (and waters) by the same Japanese squadron that bombed Pearl Harbour with the addition of  ground based planes. And the bombing attacks lasted 19 months, so not just a one off. With all of the death and destruction though some great stories are have come to the surface, like on the first raid 'Gunner Bill Hudson jumped out of the shower at WT station C

move over time team

It goes to show how dry Darwin has been this 'wet season' , haven't had rain in about two weeks and really it should be raining every day and should look like this.... off my veranda this arvo, bloody blue skies bah humbug I took this video a few weeks ago at the end of January. Good heavy monsoonal downpour, last wet season we only had a few days without rain and overcasts most of the time, sounds horrible but is actually bliss. Otherwise it's in the mid to high 30's and humidity in the 90 percent range. As a result of rain no-show I needed to water the poor garden and as I was moving the sprinkler I checked out where a native rat had come to die. And..... found this amazing skull. All excited I raced inside for my tweezers and a tray and spent the next half hour on my hands and knees searching for bones, felt like I was on 'Time Team.'  (love that show) I've probably built him upside down, but gives an idea of wh

Be Good to Yourself on Valentines Day

  I need you I need you to need me look into the mirror look into my eyes and tell me you love me and I'll look lovingly back and say it at the same time. written, painted and half drawn by Luna Bird

Inspiration #1 mOOn & sky

don't forget to look up there might be a fluffy bunny in the sky mOOn & sky 8th February 2012  I'm fascinated by the moon and even though I have a huge file of photographs I just can't help myself like last night, between swatting mozzies and fighting with the tripod I just had to get another shot. early morning gives a lot more detail of the moons surface partial eclipse mid year 2011 about 6am   Darwin has some amazing sunsets And some crazy thunder storms in wet season. I've only had to peel myself off the ceiling 3 times this year.

Go to my Happy Place

This is my final week of Jury Duty and what I've seen and heard of this trail so far is not pretty. So in between I need to go to my happy place. Being an artist is extremely challenging at times but so rewarding for me, so if I can't be in my studio I thought I'd share some of the work I've done over the last couple of years. Toke me a little while to find these photos, digital photography is great but if computer says 'no' hey they've gone forever.So back up those precious pixels, just try to remember where you put them. The first four photos are from a exhibition called 'Flesh' at eye2eye Gallery Adelaide 2009. Jill Gregurke curated the show and encouraged me to include men in the series. I had problems in life drawing class in the past getting mens angles right, add a bit too much tone and a chest turns into boobs. Women's bodies are easy, curvy and charcoal love each other. But I took on the challenge and found some amazing male speci