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I Think I nEEd to Dip MySelf in Paint

I’ve had two weeks of administration overload trying to sort out tax and delivery problems and blah blah blah. I might need to dip myself in paint to feel completely normal again, just need to get back to the creating side of the business…mmm happy. Screen printing takes up a big chunk of my creative effort and studio space. I like the process too. Recently I’ve printed and made aprons using the NEHOC Screen Printing System (above).  I bought the kit about 8 years ago now and it’s been great for testing designs and small runs. Your design can be a photocopy or best of all a good old pencil drawing, which I used a lot. You place your artwork against the thermal film (a mesh pre-coated in thermal emulsion).    A cute tungsten filled lamp fires creating heat so that the carbon of the drawing reacts with the film. You then peel the film away from your artwork (which is very satisfying) and it’s ready to print. Double sided tape attaches them to a plastic frame and pri

Double Edged Sword

I want to dedicate this March 12th to my dear dad, Stan, who died 30 years today. It's a milestone for me as I've now spent two thirds of my life without him, bit of a hard one. Mum & Dad in their early 20's just engaged I was only asked the other day if it gets easier, and it does in a way except today. I suppose that's where the double edged sword comes in, I wouldn't miss him as much if he hadn't been so nice and I hadn't liked him so much. I have been debating with myself whether to talk about this and probably will continue the inner dialogue until I press publish (or delete). His life and death has formed part of who I am and in turn my art practice. I could have gone down the doom and gloom, whoa is me, but he instilled such a positivity inside me as did my lovely mum and I still wish to make them both proud. I do have his quirky sense of humor so I have no hope really. He was a very creative kind man and we had several pieces of his

Statistic make you go mmm.....

Aren't Statistics Interesting. NO NO not boring, they really do make you go mmmmm. Today, Sunday the 4th of March, is National Clean Up Australia Da y. Miss Willow and I headed off down to the Esplanade early to join up with her Girl Guide Group, like minded people and a hand full of local pollies. Basically you're there to pick up rubbish, they hand out big bags and off you go. No it wasn't more boring than statistics, we got to jump a few fences that you're not supposed to (ohhhh I know!)and laugh about some of the stuff you pick up..... oh well maybe statistic are more entertaining and defiantly less smelly. But it was a lovely morning, beautiful surrounds, good company with free drinks and a sausage sizzle at the end of it. And not to forget a self satisfaction that you've made a contribution to your environment. (ahh fluffy bunnies all round) what our small group picked up Back to the statistic, I looked up the Clean Up Australia site to get a bit of