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Would anyone like an ANZAC biscuit

ANZAC bickies, mmm oaty goodness (recipe at the bottom of the page) The smell of ANZAC biscuits fill the air and a little tear wells in the corner of my eye as I watch the memorial celebrations for the origins of the ANZAC Day. There was a good crowd at Gallipoli but it was the service at Villers-Brettonneux that caught my heart. They read letters from the era, and showed photos of the conditions. Darwin ANZAC Day Parade, love the slouch hat with emu feathers For those of you who are non-Aussie or non-Kiwi, we were both newly independent Nations in 1914 when World War I broke out, only gaining autonomy 13 and 7 years respectively. On the 25 th April 1915 our troops landed on the beaches of Gallipoli, Turkey as part of an allied invasion to capture the Gallipoli Peninsular. It didn’t end well with many deaths on both sides. Three years later to the day, ANZAC’s freed the small French village of Villers-Brettonneux. Over 770 Aussie soldiers are laid to rest there and over 10

It's a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Paint and Draw

I shared an AC DC song, "It's a Long Way to the Top" on my face book page the other day and I added if you want to 'Paint and Draw' Photo session for the Birdie Books, got to get that early morning light I've been a bit bogged down by the other side of running a creative business (or any business really). I've spent the last week or so photographing, filling out price sheets, making up blurbs, filling out paper work and I still have to do my quarterly tax. Funnily I actually find the business side kind of fun once I get into it, but it is just soooo time consuming and I just can't help thinking wouldn't it be nice to just spend all my time painting, drawing and making stuff. But that would require a studio fairy to do all the other stuff and they cost big bucks. Fairy dust is so expensive these days. It's nice to have to think out side of your comfort zone and I've had fun trying to find some interesting backgrounds to show