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Every school should have a giant something

Just wanted to share some beautiful community art. The Wanguri Primary School, not far from where I live has just had the finishing touches done to an amazing barramundi sculpture. When I first moved up to Darwin 2 1/2 years ago, only about 1/3 of the fish had mosaics. A hoy went out earlier this year for someone to help out and it was finally finished. Created by artist Techy Masero, the 250kg steel frame was cemented in place back in June 2009. It was then covered in a fine mesh and coated with concrete and then beautiful glass tiles. The barra was chosen in recognition of the local indigenous Larrakia and  Wangurri people and the tile patterns were designed by the students. Techy Masero has lived and worked her artistic magic in Darwin and the Northern Territory for about 20 years. I couldn't find out were she is now. I think she'd be amazingly happy with the result. Artist Techy Masero . Picture: Brad Fleet for NT News Enjoy x Luna

A fresh bag of coffee. What could go wrong?

Well that's the last time I open a new bag of coffee on a Saturday morning. oh that coffee did smell wonderful..... I love that just ground vanillary fresh coffee smell. I'd planned to do a little bit of tidying up in the morning and then just have an easy afternoon. While drinking my coffee .... ahhhhh coffee... looking out from the veranda I thought I'll just give the lawn a quick (yer right) mow before it got to hot (it's Darwin we hit 28 C today) So..... four hours later I've mowed all the lawns, collected a tonne of palm leaves, pruned, untangled, deadheaded, swept, and watered then after another cup I vacuumed the whole house. Wow that's powerful coffee I need to keep that for crazy work days. just a few palm leaves and the pile near the bin is mainly mile-a minute, a horrible sticky creeper that smothers all in its path. Now I need to hire a trailer, ah..... next weekend. couldn't help myself, another photo of the moon smiling tonight

things like this give beige a bad name

The old Woolworths building in the heart of Darwin city has been closed and empty for several years. S-All Good, they built a new woolies around the corner and the long expanse of wall and window have become used by local and traveling street artist. It's a big part of the city scene and goes so well with the massive amounts of young backpackers that flow through the place. But now we have a newly elected council the walls got painted beige (things like this give beige a bad name). I know it's not to everyone's taste but over the years there has been some brilliant work and I thought it was cool when occasionally the artist would leave a 'thanks Darwin' message with their work. Luckily I got these photos a few months ago. I did drive past last weekend and it is very beige and actually sticks out like a sore thumb. There has been several write ups but no one seems to be able to get a straight answer on why. Just sham, shame, shame. Enjoy x Luna

Queen's Birthday Weekend, nice...but

Why does it always happen that the one morning I can sleep in, I wake up with a bing! Here in most of  Australia it's the Queen's birthday long weekend. No kids to get to school or work, no appointments, the post office is shut as is a lot of businesses. I did lie there for a while thinking I might doze off, but that was the trouble I started thinking. I know very dangerous with a brain like mine, but I did came up with an idea for a chapter story book so I jottered that down in the little ideas book I keep by my bed. And then more art stuff and colour samples so I just got up. So while everyone else in the house was still asleep (bastards) I popped a load of washing in (I know I have a strong practical mothering gene) and George and I went for a walk. I was quiet surprised how many people were up and about, probably had the same syndrome. And how many people were using power tools so early. My walking companion George, also my studio assistant, car riding pal and

Nutella Madness

I shared a post on facebook of how to make homemade Fudgesicles by mixing 1 cup of milk and 1/3 cup of Nutella. Sounded really yum and so thought a lot of others. So here are the recipes I promised. Thank you Mr Farrero, chocolatey nutty goodness But first for those who don't know, Nutella is a chocolate hazel nut spread for toast or sandwiches. It's basically made from hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, milk and vege fat. The web site says it's in 75 countries. We're lucky enough to have a factory here in Australia and is rated number 3 breakfast spreed here, there are other brands out there but this one gets the balance of those ingredients just perfect. bread dough rolled out and smothered in nutella all rolled up Nutella is a great ingredient to cook with and I love the way it caramelizes when it's baked. One of the easiest things I tried are Nutella Buns. There are a heap of recipes out there for bread and bum making. I have a bread machine and use