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catch up time

The desk piles up with papers, the cupboards start to over flow and the screen printing bench gets filled up with, well everything. So you sort, fold, file and chuck. I did this back in January, looks great and feels great to work in. But what about those e-courses that looked so tantalizing, not to mention all the wonderful books full of new techniques. I can't help my overwhelming curiosity and purchase them and the excitement waiting for them to start or arrive in the mail is nearly unbearable. Finally they arrive, I carefully down load and file them. Print out any work sheets. Have a flick through the books and make grand plans to sit and totally concentrate on the new shinny art thing. But first, I'll just get my stuff ready for the market, tidy up, make cookies for my....oh I mean the kids afternoon tea, put the washing out in between trying to fit in some exercise. So this morning I set up the tall table in front of the exercise bike, revved up the laptop and