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Crumpets Anyone

I have a few recipes waiting in the back of my mind. You know the type, the ones that seduce you with their glossy photographs. You've either torn them out from a magazine or bookmarked the page but never quiet got around to making them. Well the crumpet recipe goes back years for me it was in my mothers 'Women's Weekly Everyday Cookbook' The image looked amazing and I always had that 'I must try them one day', but with a good supply of fresh commercial bakery crumpets I was never pushed hard enough to make them until.... I moved to Darwin and the ones here have been frozen, trucked a ship load of miles, then left to thaw out on the supermarket shelf. Mmmmm appetizing, not. So I just stopped buying them. I was searching my recipe folder a couple of weeks ago for a birthday treat request when I came across the page and finally made some. Oh my giddy aunt they tasted so good, they had the little holes in them and everything. a crumpet cut open to show