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Kakadu Adventure

Part One Wow what a crazy couple of months of adventures! I got to tick off a bucket list sort of thing I suppose. Just an easy three hour drive from Darwin we head south east to Kakadu National Park. I've wanted to go to Kakadu since I first heard about it as a little girl, so TICK. Mid September is hot and dry here. That's one thing I didn't expect moving to the top end was how dry it gets here. Fair enough the inland desert area but I thought the coastal fringe would be tropical lush all year round. There are two main season Wet (summer) and Dry (winter) There is still quiet a bit of water in the rivers but the earth in between is parched.  The dawn Yellow River Cruise is an absolute must experience. We had a foggy morning which is rair at that time of year but absolutely beautiful. The wet lands are just gorgeous. It was like the land scape was posing to be painted or photographed.  Amazed by the reflections too.  Crocodiles scare the crap out of me and