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Hip Hip Horay for Kelly Rae

What an amazing start to December. I have so much to tell you I think I might burst. But first today (12 December, USA time) is your last opportunity to register your chance to win one of the great giveaways from the .... Hosted by Kelly Rae Roberts. Use the link below to have a look. I really am honored to be apart of this promotion and find myself amongst some amazing company. Wow there really are some great opportunities and gifts there. I've provided two of my little guys, Puss Puss and his best friend Woof and Puss Puss's first book 'The Wrong Bed' I first read about Kelly Rae Roberts about 4 years ago-ish. I purchased her wonderful e-book This is my one. I printed my book out so I could read it in bed. I use it as one of my creative business resources. It is set out really nicely with heaps of her artwork in there. Y