I got KISSed twice this week.

Yep the big old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid..... or Sweetie if your saying it to someone else) smacked me in the head last week.

I've been making brooches for years and normally just use the commercial brooch clip with the little safety wheel that secures it in place. They're great but are made not to be seen.  The one I've been wracking my brains about lately is a clip that can hang a dangle from, like an old fashioned nurses watch. I've had this concept in my head for a while and have made several drawings. And of course I was getting in my own way making them way too complicated and time consuming.

I mucked around making my own pin and spring then tried decorating a ready made pin. Then it dawned on me..... use the normal brooch pins solder on a jump ring and stamp the front. It was one of those weird moments that you feel wonderful, it's simple, cost effective and looks good. And then I also felt stupid, like I'd wasted so much time. But with a couple of days separating the event, I can see the other pins are interesting and with a little more work could look really good.
hand made + hand dyed paper embedded in resin with a little typewritten word

a good learning experience, still needing a lot of work

My other kiss moment was over the weekend. I went to my local craft shop 'just' for some cello bags and fell in love with a ball of wool. It was sitting all on it's own at the end of an isle and seduced me with it's colours. So I left the shop with five balls of wool, a meter of check flannelet, a bottle of mod podge, some sculpey glaze, one gold metal button and (thank goodness I remembered) the cello bags.

Sunday was a lovely cool raining day and I set myself up in my favorite room, the veranda, and started playing with the wool. First a granny square, then a five sided motive, these were a little stiff and didn't show off the colours the way I wanted. So I persevered with a larger hook and a zigzag pattern and finally got the right hook size and a single stitch, straight pattern. The colours looked good, it was soft to touch and the sample allowed me to estimate the end size for a knee rug.

a granny square and star above the zigzag and the 'yes' sample to the right

Ah Pretty! A rainbow on my crochet hook

just enjoying myself

It's funny the knee rug was a Keep It Simple 'Sweetie' moment. The difference was I didn't put myself under any pressure, the rug is for me. Where as the pins were for last Saturday's Market. Ah life, it's full of learning bumps, just some bumps are more fun than others.

Enjoy x Luna


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