Something New for this little birdie

I'm so excited. I'm in the pages, quiet literally, of one of my favorite magazines. Published by  Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine , I've been a fan for many years. I found it by chance in a wonderful Stirling newsagents up in the Adelaide Hills. It's one of those amazing stores that not only has a great selection of magazines it also has an art supplies up the back so I never left empty handed. The magazine was sold only quarterly back then I think, so finding it again was crazy hard (I only found it once more) so I saved up (I was still art student back then) and subscribed, I just didn't want to miss out. So many great artist, so many great techniques, so many wonderful materials and equipment. drooling. 
 Here is the cover and the title page of my project page 13. The girl with white hair on the cover is Jane's book.
I'd always thought how lovely it would be to be one of those artists. I kept on dreaming, then one day they advertised for submission for a new publication 'I (Heart) Paper' so that gave me a deadline and I sent in a proposal. I was so excited when it was accepted, but the panel had thought that my project would be best suited to  PAGES magazine  . Described as 'The Creative Guide for Art Journaling & Bookmaking', sounded perfect. So factoring in time to ship all the little butterfly books and steps in between, I only had a few weeks to get it all polished and labeled and off they went to America to be beautifully photographed. I'm in wonderful company with great artist and their fantastic projects including a fellow Aussie Jane 'danger' Davenport I've done a few of Jane's courses now and have my eye on a few more (all of them really), they are a lot of fun, she is a great teacher.

I even made the contents page

I love photographing these little guys.....
there are so many great angles

I first exhibited these little books back in 2005 in a group exhibition called 'Leaf"in the Promenade Gallery, Flinders Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia. I made six different butterfly shapes and they all had way too many pages. So I have refined them over the years. 

the different stages of making the book

Some of the different coloured pages I do

A flutter of Butterfly Books, what a lovely collective noun.

If you would like to add one of these little books to your collection, click on Butterfly Books  and it will take you to my etsy shop.

Enjoy x Luna


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