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Birdie Book Series

Birdie Books like to nestle in your hands while they tell you stories from their journeys. They come in five colours each representing a different birdie nursery rhyme.

This Birdie Book series started its life at my very first Artists' Book Exhibition at Matilda Book Shop, Stirling, in the lovely Adelaide Hills (a beautiful part of Australia) Mary and I will be doing exhibition #7 this year. The first ones were hand coloured, now I use a wet on wet screen print process, along with the type of fabric gives them a very soft printed look. This way of printing is a little unpredictable so like siblings they look alike but are all a little different.

Now for the Quirky Toy range, also known as QTs.

Puss Puss loves his bed, curling his toes, stretching his back, good food and snoozing. He also like to do tail calisthenics.

Soft stuffed, screen printed by hand on 100% cotton with bendable tail.

Puss Puss is one of my favourites. I know you shouldn't have favourites, but this little guy has caught my heart. He loves to do what ever you're doing and makes a great traveling companion.

Last year we spent a month together traveling the Northern Territory and Queensland coast and outback. He seemed to pop into every photo (warning he's a camera hog)

Robot Brothers Inc

‘No job too big. No job too small. Robot Brothers Mack & Rivet specialize in things that go whirr & beep. They can fix anything. Ring the boys today!’

Each robot is hand screen printed then hand painted on 100% cotton fabric with the backing fabric of soft cotton flannelette and soft filled with polyester fiber. 

I like to use a watery paint technique and tend to paint them as a pair.

Warning! They may try to fix things that aren't broken....

Well Hello Dolly

‘Dolly loves walking on her toes & having tea parties with her friends, she especially likes teeny tiny jam drops. Hold her close to your ear and she'll whisper her name’

She feels very pretty in her French knickers and lace edged cami.

Dolly stands 22 cm high ( 9 inches ) and is screen printed and painted by hand on 100% cotton. The hand painting makes every Dolly unique. Her dress is also screen printed and painted by hand.

 Now some Aussie QTs

Kev the Koala and Joe Kangaroo

Kev likes sipping on gum-leaf tea and munching on myrtle seed scones with his great mate Joe Kangaroo. And he makes his own Lilly Pilly jam, yum! Joe can't stand gum-leaf tea but Kev Koala's myrtle seed scones are amazing.

Hand screen printed on 100% cotton flannel, so soft, different colours on back.

Kev likes snoozing so much he stays in his cosy cotton flannel pyjamas all day. Joe doesn't mind having the occasional PJ day as long as there's heaps of scones.

When Kev does stand, which is hardly ever, he is 25 cm tall. Joe likes to help Kev get another batch of scones out of the oven, he is 30 cm tall and his tail is just as long.

Pink and Blue Galahs a soft and squishy and get a couple together and you won't be able to shut them up. They like to just hang out and are always hungry.

Screen printed and painted by hand using non-toxic water base ink on 100% cotton duck and filled with polyester fiber. They stand about 16 cm tall.

All the nestlings I make are in small editions and with the Galahs being hand painted they are like brothers and sisters, they look alike but are all different in their own little kooky way.

'Betty' Say Cheese Series


I love painting these cute & crazy characters, most of them are from doodles or etchings (doodles in metal) some of them transformed into QTs and others are inspiration for writing stories (so much art so little time)

Hand painted in acrylic on stretch canvas. Most are 30 x 30 cm and look great hung as a set.

Puss Puss pals

You can find all these creations at my etsy shop (there's a button top right)

Enjoy x Luna


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